Great North Run training number 2


Training run number 2, determined to run a bit quicker this time. Another 6km to do and it was done on a Saturday evening having spent the day with Tom (my co-runner in this event). We spent the afternoon talking about the run and how the training is going, as well as discussing when we will set his fundraising page up. Oh and we had burgers too, which is just the best pre-run food. Love Thy Burger make just the best burgers by the way. A quick stroll around town digested them and then it was off for the run! Via Tesco for a weeks shop

I’ll be honest, I was fully expecting to be bringing up the contents of a Love Thy Burger burger at around 2k on this one. But it was going well (1st km under 5 minutes which was… not my best idea) and I was pleased I was chugging along instead of chucking. As is developing into the norm for this route, the first 2km were much quicker. This was largely due to the downhill and partly due to my atrocious pacing. The final hill is always a killer, but I finished with a quicker average time and it gives me something to build on

Turns out burgers are a good pre run meal!

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