Great North Run training session 1 – how hard can it be?

Ok apparently kind of hard. I used to be a really good runner 10 years ago, I was part of stowmarket striders and also walked everywhere so my fitness was pretty good. I did a 10 mile relay leg in less than 80 minutes!

Sadly, my glory days of running are behind me now. I still play a lot of football so I am relatively fit, but I’m not as quick as I used to be and my weight is… actually let’s not go there. But it’s a lot higher than I want it to be. I figure this run training will be hard but rewarding on more than one front, and I’m excited to really get into it. I’ve got a plan made for me on the great run website and I will stick to it instead of free styling my training (I’ll still be playing football as well as going on holiday so this is liable to change somewhat).

The first run. What can I say? The last time I went for a run I was doing just under 6 minute kms and swallowed a fly. Safe to say I did not enjoy that one. This run was meant to be 35 minutes but apparently I’m awful at timing when I should loop back to get back home so I ran for 32 minutes. See attached photos for the pace I ran at. Good starting point but it shakes out at 9 minute miles. If my goal is for sub 2 hours I’ll b just about there, but I want to pick up the pace. I’ve attached some photos for my pace per km and the medals/awards/whatever the heck they are that Strava award you for doing well. I know I should be measuring my miles but I’ll start doing that closer to the race, for now I want to be doing at the slowest 5 minute kms when I get back from my holiday in mid August.


I’m signing off for now, but don’t forget to sponsor!

Average pace and route


My splits

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