The start of my Great North Run Training

My name is Nick Bretherton and I am doing the Great North Run for OSOC on the 10th September 2017. OSOC is a fantastic charity where they provide disadvantaged children with a chance to get an education and make a life for themselves and their future families. You can read more about them here: OSOC

I will be regularly updated with posts about how my training is going, so you can follow along and laugh at the stupid post-run photos at me, I mean with me. But first, a little scene setting. Cue the flashback music…

The date was the 2nd July. It was a Sunday and I was at the park with Amelia (my girlfriend’s 5 year old daughter) and Christian (her soon to be uncle). Amelia had just inexplicably hit her head on the slide but like a champ still went down. I have no idea if she enjoyed the slide as she was hysterically crying the whole way down, but I imagine she’s had better slides.

As I consoled her, I received a phone call from my dad. He just so happens to be the chair of OSOC and he was asking if I fancied doing the great north run in September. I said I would and my friend Tom was keen to join in with me so we both signed up. I received my email from the dadster confirming my place and I made my Just Giving page right on the spot. Talk about efficiency! Also, click on it. Sponsor me. Or click here. It’s all good.

I set up my plan on the great run training website, and just had to wait until Wednesday to do my first one. I started the training for this before the blog so I will write a few posts retroactively going over what happened and how I felt. That’s all for now, see you soon!

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  1. AlanC

    A very entertaining read. Good luck with your training Nick – and of course the Great North Run itself!


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