How Much?

What can it buy?

Why do we need it?


Food for a child for a day

Basic food and nutrition are essential. We do not give cash to the children as they may choose to buy drugs instead of food.


Resources pack for a classroom: coloured chalk, coloured card and marker pens for displays                 

The boys are doing well in their education, but even basic items such as pencil, pen, copybook eraser are in short supply. The classrooms have no resources, only a blackboard, desks, light and fan (when there is electricity!)


Equipment for activities such as football, cricket, frisbees, spinning top

Activities enable the outreach workers to befriend the children and gives some fun in their hard lives. It is easy to forget that these are children and have a right to play. Children in Nepal are remarkably adept at "making do",but a real football or cricket bat can make a big difference.


A first aid kit

As the children are sifting through rubbish for recyclables they often have open cuts and grazes on their feet. A resource worker can provide basic first aid and take a child to hospital if required.


Resource pack for the school: educational posters or a resource book for teachers

The school has to rely on donations for resources; for example a local chalk factory gives reject chalk sticks for the blackboards.


School bag

There are no lockers in school, so every book has to be carried to and from school every day.


Postage for 20 woolly hats

Although summers are hot, it can be cold in winter on the streets at night. It started with one person wanting to help by using remnants of wool and now we have dozens knitting a mountain of colourful warm headwear!


10 books

Basic reading books can be purchased cheaply locally. For example English reading books for 5-10 year olds would be invaluable.


Postage for magazines

Like boys everywhere the boys are besotted about football and love to receive magazines to see about their favourite players; in fact they love to read about about any subject and are fascinated to hear or read about life in the UK. This also helps with their English skills!


Homework club for a year for a pupil

Many children and their families understand the need for good education and the children are, by and large, willing to work for it. This will give the opportunity for a child to take advantage of tutored help.


A resource worker spending half a day every week on the streets for a full year

Outreach workers need to engage with the children to befriend them so that they can help and work toward getting them off the streets, either back into their families or into shelters or children’s homes.


Desktop computer

Yes it’s a lot of money, but why should they not have access to a computer?Young people in Nepal as elsewhere need computer skills to be able to have opportunities to progress, whether in education or in employment. This money would also include some training for the teaching staff.

This video shows how much the children have enjoyed playing on a slide. This is just one of the many items of play equipment that have been  purchased by OSOC.

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