Day 10 - Chyamche (1430 m) to Besisahar (810 m) to Kathmandu (1400 m)

26th October - Today the group split up. David Britten to Narayangarh, Jackie, Ali, David and Sandra to Kathmandu. The others were going to Pokhara and from there to continue trekking in the Poon Hill Region of the Annapurna Trail. We travelled to Besisahar by jeep. From here together with more than 25 people we travelled to Kathmandu in a mini-bus designed for 12 people! It was a long, tiring journey arriving after eight at night where we had booked into the World Heritage Hotel.  

Our hotel

The World Heritage Hotel

Our hotel

The World Heritage Hotel

Kathmandu Kathmandu

Kathmandu Street Scenes

We spent the next day or so wandering round Kathmandu taking in the local scene.  

And so the day arrived to wave goodbye to Ali, Jackie and Nepal and head back home.


Kathmandu Street Scenes

Freak Street Cross World Communications


Freak Street Cross World Communications Farewells Porters relaxing

Written by Sandra and David from their experience of trekking part of the Annapurna Circuit.

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